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Our Services

  • Commercial and Residential Pesticide Spraying

  • Spraying for Ticks, Mosquitos, and other outdoor pests

  • Lawn Fertilizing

  • Tree and Shrub Fertilizing and Pesticides

  • Organic Fertilizing and Pesticides

  • Lawn Aeration

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Each year, homeowners remove fallen leaves that contain nutrients and other sources of organic matter. These items are what help a tree flourish. Tree fertilization is key in helping the trees in your yard thrive. Implementing a slow-release tree fertilizer helps trees on your property grow vigorously. This process will help increase a tree’s resistance to disease and create a deep root system. Overall, this process will produce leafy, vibrant trees, making your yard picturesque.

Your soil and plants should thrive while still attaining the results you desire. Our organic-based fertilizer and products cultivate healthy root growth. By strengthening the roots, plants are able to maintain a proper water balance freeing the soil from disease.

When you think of warmer weather, do you think about the Zika virus, West Nile virus, Lyme disease, or any other variety of health risks? All these hazards and many more are caused by mosquitoes and ticks. Take the steps needed in order to ensure your family is protected.

Your home doesn’t deserve to be invaded by unwanted guests. Insects find many ways to raid your lawn or creep into your house. Keep those pesky insects out of your home and away from your property. Mr. Mulch Man has the services you need to ensure a safe environment for all of your loved ones.

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